December 17, 2017

We’re not so smart after all, say scientists after making ‘human brain soup’ – we have fourteen billion less brain cells than we thought Read more:–fourteen-billion-brain-cells-thought.html#ixzz1oHFDE5Zx

“The consensus in neuroscience circles is that the human brain contains 100billion neurons – but that figure is actually 14billion too many, claims a new study.”–fourteen-billion-brain-cells-thought.html

The Neuroscience of Humor and Education: A Focus at AATH Conference

The Neuroscience of Humor and Education: A Focus at AATH Conference Read more here:

Neuroscience and philosophy must work together

“Human beings are part of nature. They are made of flesh and blood, brain and bone; but for much of the time they are also conscious. The puzzling thing is how the intricate sequences of nerve cells and tissue that make up a person’s brain and body can generate the special subjective feel of conscious [...]

Blockade of learning & memory genes may occur early in Alzheimer’s disease: Study

“A repression of gene activity in the brain appears to be an early event affecting people with Alzheimer’s disease, researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health have found. In mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease, this epigenetic blockade and its effects on memory were treatable.”

Bicultural and bilingual values add to U.S. economy

“All these abilities are essential to a globally competitive workforce, according to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. So it’s no surprise that the economic benefits of being bilingual and bicultural have been well-documented.”

A lot to learn

Quote:   For someone like Calvert, who has been applying neuroscience to commercial challenges for more than a decade, it’s “bread and butter”. But it still tends to be put into the category of ‘new’ techniques in consumer research. Why has it been slow to trickle through into the marketing and research worlds? “The evidence [...]

Can you master a language in a weekend?

  Quote: Cooke insists the key to remembering is learning to think in more memorable ways. He began teaching himself memory feats when he ended up in hospital for three months aged 18. “I realised that if I had the time to spend eight hours a day practising, which I did, then I could get [...]

Is there any real need for swear words?

“If you’re trying to emotionally affect the listener and make them remember what you say, yes.”   Read more here:

More Daydreaming, More Creativity

Quote: Packing “every spare hour or moment with tasks” as Rivero puts it, is something I more or less constantly feel pressured to do. But, as she points out, at what cost? Stress and overwork and other challenges are among the consequences for me, and probably many writers.

Toronto psychologist studies how the brain responds to beauty

“Dr. Vartanian is at the forefront of the burgeoning field of neuroaesthetics, which seeks to apply the rigour of neuroscience to understanding artistic disciplines such as visual arts, dance, music, architecture and design – and to learn more about how the brain processes beauty. Over the past decade, researchers have shed light both on what [...]