February 22, 2018

Slow down!

  More info on how to conquer the stress of the holidays! In my view, it’s best for you to take this advice and use it everyday. Why? Most marketers are stressed out day to day from email, phone calls, deadlines, and punks. It’s not hard to start your day all cheery and bright, only [...]

Emotion is the key to memory!

Ok, granted you might not dig this one. It’s a psychiatry article about the understanding of two brain disorders. Not very interesting if you’re a marketer. But here’s the deal. You should at least know this one basic fact – Emotions help with the formation of memory! Why do you care? It’s easy. Because in [...]

Emotions are not just in your head

This is brilliant. Finally some news about the relationship between the mind and body in regards to emotions. You find references for this relationship all throughout Eastern healing, self-help, psychiatry, and even motivation. I believe even William James wrote about this back in the late 1800′s. (I’m working from memory, though.)   The fascinating finding [...]

  Interesting. Here are some applications and examples of videos you can create specifically for the male and female brain. For background, read this post: Male and Female Brains Really Are Built Differently     Neuromarketing: How To Use Science To Beat Your Competitors Source: Neuromarketing: How To Use Science To Beat Your Competitors http://www.reelseo.com/neuromarketing-video/#ixzz2n6hWaRSJ ©ReelSEO.com, All [...]

Difference between Men and Women’s brains

This is fairly controversial. Yes, it’s an interesting read, but there’s a lot of people refuting this. “Male and female brains wired differently, scans reveal”

Railing against neuromarketing

  Here’s an article using common argument against neuromarketing. This happens often and the  gist of the arguments fall into two categories: 1) The science isn’t there yet. 2) You’re oversimplifying the results. I, for one, welcome this kind of conversation. It’s critical thought that helps every idea and breakthrough get better. I also personally [...]