February 22, 2018

Difference between Men and Women’s brains

This is fairly controversial. Yes, it’s an interesting read, but there’s a lot of people refuting this. “Male and female brains wired differently, scans reveal”

Investor, follow your heart

Don’t ignore your emotions, even in finance and investing. “Ms. Shull, who specializes in neuro-economics, is a former Chicago options trader who never could get her head around the dictum that feelings and intuition have no place in the numbers-driven world of modern trading. People entrusted with other people’s money, she was told, must stick [...]

UCLA brain-imaging technique predicts who will suffer cognitive decline over time

This isn’t related 100% to decision making with marketing. (Well, I guess it could be if your demographics is over a certain age. ) I like these articles because it shows two things – 1. It shows that neuroscience is helping in a major way towards improving the quality of life for us all. 2. [...]

So What Would Count As Mindreading?

Mindreading and Thought Control are touchy subjects. In reality, they don’t exist with today’s techniques. Here’s a good discussion of it.   Link: So What Would Count As Mindreading? http://www.science20.com/science2inspire/so_what_would_count_mindreading-86673

TALKING HEADS: Getting inside Africa’s head for figures

  More research being moved into Governments that highlight the fact we aren’t 100% rational at any decision.   “Even when surveys and market research are done, they don’t necessarily reveal the full truth.”   Link: http://www.businessday.co.za/Articles/Content.aspx?id=164751

Cognitive dissonance reduction in conservative and liberal Christians

Here’s a study that reduces the effects of cognitive dissonance of Christians. While this is about religion, cognitive dissonance can be a pernicious little beast for marketers. Take away the concepts and ideas, don’t focus on the subject matter. Link: http://mindblog.dericbownds.net/2012/02/cognitive-dissonance-reduction-in.html