December 17, 2017

Railing against neuromarketing


Here’s an article using common argument against neuromarketing. This happens often and the  gist of the arguments fall into two categories:

1) The science isn’t there yet.

2) You’re oversimplifying the results.

I, for one, welcome this kind of conversation. It’s critical thought that helps every idea and breakthrough get better. I also personally don’t believe – or at least I hope – that people are intentionally manipulating the science behind the experiments.

I do think it is perfectly within the writer’s right to explain things in a way that make sense. Maybe that means using an analogy that is oversimplified. Maybe that means explaining things in a manner that makes the most sense to the non-academic reader.

In any case, you have to admit that the insight we have into the human brain is remarkable. You can rail against neuromarketing all you want, but it is providing rather remarkable information.


“Does neuromarketing live up to the hype?”